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The gourmet fire & cocktails restaurant

Contre-Sens is a plunge into the vibrant essence of Millésime, where the extraordinary comes to life through a unique concept of Fire & Cocktails.
This gastronomic canteen invites you to explore innovative flavours cooked over an open fire, a hymn to creativity and sharing.
You’ll be swept away in a fiery dance for a sensory experience.
Each dish is a work of culinary art worked by our mixologists in harmony with food and cocktails to awaken the taste buds to new sensations. Contre-Sens is a culinary adventure where audacity, refinement and conviviality come together to transcend expectations.

A unique concept worth discovering

If you’re looking for a memorable dining experience in our restaurant, the cuisine at Contre-Sens is a must! In addition to our restaurant’s succulent cuisine and dishes, you’ll also enjoy an unforgettable experience. All fire and brimstone, our braise cuisine is sure to impress, and you can be sure of discovering new flavours in our restaurant. So check out our menu now to get a taste of our cuisine and the dishes you can enjoy in our restaurant near Bordeaux.

Open Tuesday to Saturday
7pm to 10pm
Business lunch
Market menu
12pm to 3pm


A portal to parallel universes... from cocktails to culinary delights

Our passion for the art of mixology is reflected in our gourmet cocktails, carefully created to complement your dining experience. Whether for a business lunch or any other event, our tailor-made service will make your visit a memorable one. Discover our English cocktail bar in Talence, the Contre-Jour. Here you can enjoy classic cocktails or customised creations, before sampling exquisite cuisine in our Contre-Sens restaurant.